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How To Determine The Sand Dust Test Sand Particle Concentration?

How to determine the sand dust test sand particle concentration:
The determination principle of sand particle concentration in the sand and dust test chamber is as follows:Put particle concentration field in the laser under the irradiation of light source, with the camera system to research area of the particle concentration field completely recorded on film, and then use PTV technique based on particle related processing of the film, the image gray gradient for particle boundary recognition, namely from the gray center of particle image, computing and gray gradient values between adjacent each point in the center of the, then starting from these points calculation and its respective gray gradient values of adjacent points. According to this method, until the edges of the particles, the particles of edge points and background gradient value is less than our predefined threshold,And the adjacent points of grey value close to the background of the gray level. In this way, find the boundary of each particle, the particle can be calculated in the size of the image of the area, that is to say include how many pixels point, according to the actual length of the unit pixel represents size, you can figure out the actual size of particles, and then the area is converted into the corresponding standard diameter, the irregular particle conversion into the standard spherical particle diameter, # T is the actual area of irregular spot, unit for m2;"Is the standard diameter of the converted spherical particle, the unit of which is m. after such calculation and conversion, the standard diameter of each particle can be obtained. The particles in the image can be classified according to the search position and size size, and thus the particle size and spatial distribution in the corresponding flow field can be obtained.

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