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How to Distinguish Between Industrial Oven and Food Oven?

How to distinguish between industrial oven and food oven?Below, OTS will elaborate on these two different ovens.

For our company, how to distinguish between industrial oven and food oven?How to let customers know that our industrial oven is not a food oven?This is the biggest headache we've ever had.Since did promotion in the network platform, often have to customers find our food oven, very exciting for us to say to want to buy the oven to roast duck, cookies oven, roast chicken wings, oven and so on all kinds of household business with food oven, but I'm really sorry, industrial ovens and cannot be used for residential or commercial, we have done industrial oven is limited to use in industrial applications.

So how to distinguish between an industrial oven and a food oven is as follows:

The size and shape of the oven
In general, food oven, small volume, but also some food oven in B2B Internet everywhere, as long as a search on the Internet, will jump out of the vast amounts of information of food oven, industrial oven does not, however, industrial oven general volume larger than food oven

Two: judge the main use of oven

In general, household oven is just as a family do snack food aid, just like the duck, roast chicken wings, baking, etc., but industrial oven, just as its name implies industrial oven is used for industrial production process, some production process indispensable testing equipment.Mainly used for baking process commonly, electronic components, plastic, chemical products of aging test and high temperature stress requirements and for the LED, LCM, CMOS, Touchpanel, optical lenses, optical glass, optical fiber and other products processing baking, silver glue curing, drying, etc.

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