Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

How to Extend the Service Life of Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

To buy a precious device, we concern most is afraid of him at fault and its use fixed number of year is not long, recently many customers to our company consulting constant temperature and humidity experiment box also asked the same questions, each device which use fixed number of year and it's often out of order is and how to operate, and how to use our usual are closely linked, in order to make the experiment box life spans longer we still need to do the following.

1.The dust prone parts of the constant temperature and humidity test box are often cleaned. For example, many small particles, such as dust, will be collected on the circulating air blade and condenser fan, and should be cleaned timely.

2. Adhere to water dredging and humidifier cleaning of the constant temperature and humidity test box.If the water channel is not smooth and the humidifier becomes dirty, the humidifier will be dry and burnt, which may damage the humidifier. Therefore, it is necessary to timely clean the water channel and humidifier.

3. when the end of the operation of low temperature, it is necessary to set temperature 60 ℃ the monotonous process about half an hour, to prevent a job under the influence of conditions of punctuality or icy surface.

4.Circuit breakers and overtemperature maintainers shall be provided for inspection of the machine and safety maintenance of the operator. Therefore, please check the circuit components timely.

5. If not used for a long time, the inner wall of the laboratory box should be clean and clean and monotonous.Power the device once every half a month for no less than an hour.
Every equipment needs our careful maintenance, and it can accompany us for a long time. The same is true for the constant temperature and humidity test box.

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