Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

How To Extend The Service Life of Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

The most worrying thing about buying a valuable test equipment is that it has some troubles and it’s service life doesn’t last long. Recently, some of our clients consult the same questions. Actually, the service life of each test equipment and those troubles are closely related to how we normally operate and how we use it. In order to extend the service life of Temperature Humidity Test Chamber, we should also conduct additional operation as following.

Firstly, it is always clean the easily stained position of constant temperature and humidity test chamber. For instance, the circular blades and condenser fan would be collected most of small dust. It should be cleaned promptly.

Secondly, it is useful to keep the waterway dredging of constant temperature and humidity test chamber and clean the humidifier.

Thirdly, it is necessary to set the temperature 60°C condition and monotonously process about half an hour when at the end of the operation of low temperature. In order to prevent the detection of the next operating condition by the punctuality or freezing surface.

Fourthly, the electric circuits parts need to be inspected monthly, such as circuit breaker, over-temperature maintainer and those safety maintenance of electric components.

Fifthly, the interior test box should be kept clean and monotonous if the laboratory should not be used for a long time.

Generally, we need to pay more attention how to maintain each device so as to extend the service life of the test machine. Because it can accompany us for a long time, if you can follow the above suggestions.

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