How to Install a Tension Machine

To be installed in a clean, dry, vibration-free room at room temperature of 20 ° C ± 10 ° C, and note that the beam bending test and the use of an extensometer for testing and maintenance of equipment should leave enough free space around the test machine . For the specific steps of the installation, the main body of the tensile machine and the dynamometer should be installed on the foundation of the concrete. The basic dimensions are based on the shape and the foundation plan, leaving the anchors for the anchor bolts and the lower jaws and other wires. Install equipment such as pipes. The upper plane of the foundation should be flat, and the horizontal ruler should be used for alignment. After the foundation is dry, the test machine is installed.
After installing the tension machine, you should also learn how to find the right one. The first is the installation of the tension machine and the preliminary accuracy correction. The main body and the dynamometer are respectively transported to the concrete foundation, and the main body and the force measurement are adjusted according to the shape and the foundation map. The distance between the gauges is adjusted and the direction is adjusted. Then, thin small pieces of iron can be inserted into the bottom of the main body and the dynamometer (between the foundations), and the squares of 0.05/1000 precision are used for alignment; Initial alignment can be made at two different positions in the vertical and horizontal directions of the two columns.When measuring with a square level, the lead sag should not exceed 0.3/1000. Then, the square level can be used to find the verticality of the outer surface of the cylinder. Secondly, the accuracy of the tension machine is corrected. After the initial accuracy of the test machine is corrected, the initial operation test is carried out after the oil pipe, power supply and oil filling are turned on. When the test condition is good, the accuracy of the test machine is corrected. Use a square level instrument to lean on the working platform, find the vertical cylinder sag, adjust or increase or decrease the horn under the base, so that the error should not exceed 0.10/1000. After the accuracy of the test machine is found, all the voids under the machine base are filled with cement slurry to keep the frame and the cement foundation well combined to prevent the test machine from being leveled due to vibration during use.
Then the tension machine takes over. When installing the oil pipe connecting the main body and the dynamometer, the inside of the oil pipe should first be washed with kerosene to ensure the cleanness in the oil circuit. Care should be taken to ensure that the gasket is intact to prevent oil leakage during high pressure. The tension machine is connected to work. The electrical device of the tension machine is in the dynamometer. The power supply is three-phase four-wire system. The circuit between the main body and the dynamometer is connected by plug. Before the power is turned on, the dust and other impurities in the electrical box should be used. Clean up, after the power cord is introduced, press the “Power” button indicator on the dynamometer panel to illuminate to prove that the power has been started. At this time, press the oil pump start button to observe the motor rotation direction, and then press the jaw seat lift button. Check that the lifting action of the lower jaw seat matches the text shown on the button and check that each switch is active.

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