2.Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1 X8 Level Explain

How to Install IPX5~6 Rain Test Chamber

In order to check that various electrical and electronic products (including lamps, cabinets, electrical components, etc.) may be affected by dripping, sprinkling, splashing, flushing and soaking during transportation and use, according to the relevant regulations of international standards IEC60529 and IEC60598, Electrical and electronic products need to be placed in all kinds of waterproof test equipment (according to the shell protection level of different grades) to carry out simulation test.

Installation Steps:
1.Unpack and check the accessories as specified in the packing list.

First install the second half of the machine.

Lock the inside box of the screw out (the rear part of the machine can be moved properly, all screws are locked first and then locked)

3.Connect plumbing, aeronautical plugs. (please pay attention to locking.)

4.Adjust the machine position to align and then fix the 8 foot cups under the device.

5.Connect the wire to controller box and water tank.

1.Power line connection, pay attention to distinguish fire line, zero line, ground wire.
2.The inlet is connected to the inlet pipe and the solenoid valve controls the addition of water.
3.Drain outlet, connect drain pipe, manual valve control drainage.
4.Intake pipe, gas source. Pressure requirement (0.3MPa-0.8MPa)
5.Filter, the filter is completely black, need to replace the new filter.
6.Open the Flow meter valve counterclockwise.

7.Sample power plug connection.

Loosen the screws and pull out the wiring plug. → Insert the bottom sealing ring and connect the wire to the plug. Then lock the screw and lock the bottom sealing ring.
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