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How To Maintain Walk-In Testing Room

In order to ensure the safe operation of the walk-in laboratory system.Regular inspection and maintenance will not only solve problems in a timely manner, but also keep the system at its best.

1) the walk-in laboratory system must be maintained by special operators.Strictly comply with the operating rules of the system and avoid other people's operating system.

2)system use should be established to facilitate maintenance and maintenance of the system.Use file should be recording system starting and ending times for each run (date), types of test and the environment temperature, when the system failure occurs, the fault phenomena should be described in as much detail as possible on the content of the system maintenance, maintenance should also be recorded as detailed as possible.

3) walk-in laboratory system for a long time without downtime, will affect the system's service life effectively, therefore, the system boot to run at least once every 10 day, don't again and again in a short time make the system run a stop, start times per hour should be less than 5 times, each time a stopping time, interval is not less than 3 rain, don't at low temperature open the door to enter type temperature and humidity test system, in order to prevent the damage the door sealing strip.

4) step into the main box body of the test chamber system, which should be protected in the use of the system and not be subject to a powerful collision of the device or blunt instrument.

5) perform the main power switch (leakage short circuit) test on a regular basis every month to ensure that the switch is used as a leakage protector under load capacity.For specific steps, please make sure that the total power switch hits "ON", that is, the system is energized, and then press the test button.If leakage circuit, the switch lever of the device falls off and this function is normal.

6)leakage switch leakage, overload, short circuit protection features by the factory setting, in use do not adjust, lest affect performance, due to short circuit leakage switch disconnect after, need to check the contact, serious loss if the main contact or some pits, the need for repair.

7)in order to ensure the normal and clean cooling water water supply, to be cleaned once every 30 days chiller cooling water filters, cleaning water cooling towers at a time when local air quality is poorer, the high concentration of dust in the air, general cleaning cooling towers reservoir should be 7 days or so.

8)the test products placed in the entry temperature and humidity test system should be at a certain distance from the air intake and exhaust vents to avoid obstructing the air flow.

9)once a year, vacuum off the distribution room and water return chamber dust with a vacuum cleaner.Once a month, clean up the water with dry cloth.

10) hypertemperature protector action test.The temperature of the hypertemperature protector is lower than the temperature of the box body. If the E0.0 alarm and bee sound are present, the function is normal.After completing the above test, the set value of the temperature protection should be reset appropriately, or it may cause undue discontinuation.

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