Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

How to Maintenance of Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

The main point of maintaining constant temperature humidity test chamber is to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning.
Firstly, the internal impurities should be removed before operate the constant temperature and humidity test chamber
Distribution room could be cleaned once a year. When it is cleaned, the indoor dust can be cleaned by vacuum cleaner.
The chamber body could be cleaned up before each use, and then wiped with soapy water when cleaning.
Secondly, the storage water in the humidifier should be replaced once a month to ensure the water quality is clean. The humidifying water tank should be cleaned once to ensure the smooth flow of water. It is also necessary to pay attention to the replacement of the test wet cloth ball when the surface of the wet cloth ball is not clean or hard, or after high temperature test is completed, the wet cloth ball must be replaced before the temperature and humidity sphericity control is continued.
The wet cloth ball should be replaced once every three months.
The condenser should be maintained regularly every month. The vacuum cleaner is used to remove the dust attached to the heat sink of the condenser or to slap the dust out of the heat sink with high pressure air.

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