1 Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber

How to Reduce the Noise of Cold and Hot Impact Test Chamber

Cold and hot impact test chamber is a necessary test equipment in the industry of metals, plastics, rubber, electronics and other materials. It is used to test the structure of materials or composite materials. The degree to which they endure under the continuous environment of extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature in an instant can be tested for chemical changes or physical injuries caused by thermal expansion and contraction of samples in a short time. The test methods met by the cold and hot impact test chamber :GB/T2423.1.2, GB/ t10592-2008, GJB150.3 high-low temperature impact test.

We all know that after the cold and hot impact test box is started, the machine will produce certain noise because of the compressor, motor and other components.However, many large enterprises will require that the noise of the cold and hot impact test chamber shall not exceed 75 decibels in total. That is to say, during the operation of the cold and hot impact test chamber, the noise shall not be louder than normal speech.This requirement can be said to be very strict, so how to reduce the cold and hot impact test box noise became a lot of business trouble. Here's how to reduce the noise of the cold and hot impact test chamber.

1. First look at the spring of the compressor. If the shock absorber spring of the compressor is deformed, it will lead to unstable pressure regulating function, thus the pressure fluctuation will cause great noise during the operation of the compressor.The spring needs to be replaced at this time.Also pay attention to the abnormal noise of the compressor, the compressor running when the piston hit the exhaust valve.Check if the vent bolts are loose, and replace new fittings if disc and bearing are damaged.

2.The second step is to carry out corresponding noise reduction measures on the box body, mainly pasting the sound-proof cotton on the sealing plate, which can effectively reduce the noise.Reasonable design of convection and cooling air holes to reduce the compressor running noise to low. Another point is to check if the fixed screw is loose vibration, such as loose tighten the fixed screw.

3. After that, check the oil level. The frozen oil should not be too much or too little.We can also reduce the refrigerant flow or the amount of refrigerant filling.

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