Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

How To Solve The Temperature Humidity Chamber Display Humidity 100% Fault

Temperature humidity chamber failure will always appear in the humidity display 100% or humidity under the situation, when this happens, should first list the humidity display 100% or humidity under the reason, one by one to eliminate the troubleshooting, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.
The following points are the reasons why the humidity display of constant temperature and humidity box is 100% or the humidity cannot be displayed:
1.Dry and wet ball gauze hanging in the wrong position, the upper sensor is a dry ball, the next sensor is a wet ball, under normal circumstances, the gauze must be hung on the lower sensor, and the lower end of the gauze must be reliable immersion in the water head sink, so that the wet ball gauze can be reliable water absorption;
2 wet ball gauze yellow, or use time too long, the gauze accumulated too many minerals, resulting in wet ball gauze water absorption performance decline, water absorption, so that the detected humidity is not accurate, resulting in high humidity false image.
3. There is no water or low water level in the wet bulb flume of the constant temperature and humidity box, and the gauze cannot absorb water. The following parts should be checked:
A. Observe whether there is water in the water level box beside the tank. If there is no water, it may be damaged by the float ball;
B. If the electromagnetic pump is damaged, use the voltage range of the multimeter to measure its resistance value. If the circuit is open, it will be damaged;
C. The interval water refill timer is damaged and cannot be refilled normally.

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