Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Important Factor of Constant Temperture And Humidity Test Chamber

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber dust and corrosive gas in the working environment also can affect the mechanical system flexibility, reduce all kinds of limit switches, buttons, the reliability of photoelectric coupler, is also must learn parts aluminum film one of the reasons for corrosion. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber/alternating hot and humid test chamber is to simulate natural high and low temperature changes in the environment, widely used in electronics, electrical products and other products parts material in the using process of storage and transportation of temperature environment adaptability test.

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber temperature and humidity are the important factors influencing the device performance, it can cause mechanical parts of rust, lowered the finish of metal mirror, cause the error of the mechanical parts of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber or performance degradation;Caused by constant temperature and humidity test chamber optical components such as grating, reflector, focusing mirror, such as corrosion of aluminum film, create light and stray light, noise, etc., and even equipment to stop working, and thus affect the service life of constant temperature and humidity test chamber, correction should be regular maintenance.

Accurate test temperature constant temperature and humidity test chamber. Please check whether the humidity of the solid state relay burned short circuit, if the heater is not burned, please use the three with the ac voltage meter, the position of the gear drive voltage to 600 v, the red and black on the of the line number in H on both sides of a solid state relay communication, set the humidity of humidity value 0%, humidity at this time of the light on the solid state relay can't light up, if the measured voltage value did not change, keep below 10 v present short circuit state on behalf of the solid state relay burned. Or humidity value is set to 0%, first to see whether humidifying barrels of water inside the room in the boiling state. Use after a certain period, internal will be accumulated a certain amount of dust, under the guidance of the best by maintenance engineers or engineers in regular open constant temperature and humidity test chamber cover for dust removal work, internal to the heating element at the same time, the radiator retightened to clean optical box sealed Windows, when necessary to calibration, to the necessary cleaning and lubrication of mechanical parts, in the end, restorable, then some necessary testing, calibration, and record.


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