Installation of Bag Walking Jolt Test Machine

The machine is equipped with power: AC220V (±5V),10A/50HZ single phase. Replace the fuse and must turn off the input power first to avoid danger.

And avoid to operate the machine under:

  • flammable and explosive air environment.
  • Unstable work table.
  • Direct sunlight.
  • Wet places.
  • Corrosive air environment.
  • Air pollutes the dust heavily.

Storage and transportation:

The machine can be stored and transported under the following conditions:

Temperature: 10 to 60°C

Height:7620 meters (25,000 feet).

This machine must avoid the sharp change of temperature, which may make the water and gas condense inside the machine.

Operation Instruction:









1. Connect the power and turn on the power switch to turn on.
2. Press the "Enter System" key to enter the monitoring interface, and the equipment is as follows:
3. Set each parameter and press “Set” to enter step setting. Set the test speed, running time, and pause time as required.
4. When placing the product, the left and right fixing blocks should be well installed to prevent the test object from swinging.
5. Press the “Clear” key to clear the original data.
6. Press the "Start" key to start the test.
7.Press the "Stop" key to select the experiment to interrupt the test.

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