Introduction of Automatic Compression Test Machine

Automatic Compression Test Machine is designed to carry out compression tests on materials like concrete, cement as well as finished products like tiles, bricks, blocks and other relevant materials. The machine can be used for quality control departments, civil test laboratories, engineering colleges and are adeally suitable for on-site testing for quality control and/or laboratories.

To achieve a loading rate or stress loading rate, high control precision and good reliability, the control system adopts a high precision digital servo valve with force closed-loop control function; The realization of microcomputer automatic measurements, automatic compression strength test complete, automatic calculation and report printing, are widely used in constructive industry and detection department.

Hydraulic Systems

The hydraulic oil in the tank enters the oil path through the motor, and flows through the one-way valve, the high-pressure oil filter, the pressure difference valve group and the servo valve to enter the oil cylinder. The computer sends out the control signal to the servo valve and controls the opening and direction of the servo valve, so as to control the flow of the cylinder and realize the control of the constant speed test force.

Dynamometric System

1.Using high precision amplifier and A/D converter, the whole process is not split, and the load, peak,
loading speed and strength are displayed in real time.
2.Using PID closed loop control strategy to realize constant speed loading and display load curve in real time.
3.Automatic interval timing and continuous test; the results of inquiring and printing are flexible and convenient.


                                                                                                                  Main Interface

Result Query

Test Report

Safety Protection Device
When the test force is over 3% of the maximum force, the oil pump stops working for overload protection.


Name Detail Mark
Maximum test force(kN) 2000 -----
Test range of force 5%-100% -----
Deviation < ±1% of indicating value -----
Distance of upper and lower plate (mm) 330 -----
Piston stroke (mm) 100 -----
Column spacing(mm) 370 -----
Plate size(mm) 370*370 -----
Machine size(mm) 1100*900*1800 -----
Oil controller size (mm) 1100*750*1000
Power(KW) 2 -----
Weight(kg) 1600 -----


Packing List

Name Qty(set) Mark
Main machine 1 ---------
Oil controller 1 With motor, oil pump, servo valve
Computer 1 Lenovo
Printer 1 Ink-jet printer
Measurement and control system 1 ----------
Pressure sensor 1 ---------
Electrical control system 1 ----------
Upper and lower plate 1 ----------
Operation manual 1 Paper/PDF file
Warranty Certification 1 Paper file


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