Introduction of Digital Concrete Compression Test Machine


This machine adopts the structure of the host and the hydraulic system, which is compact and exquisite. Using hydraulic loading and electronic measuring force, it has the function of charging number rate, peak holding etc, and it is also equipped with a micro printer.

Hydraulic System 

The hydraulic oil in the tank goes through the motor to drive the high pressure pump into the oil road, and flows back to the oil valve and enters the oil cylinder. The measuring instrument collects,  analyses and displays data through the sensor. The technician controls the flow through the oil delivery valve to realize speed of the test force.

Force Measuring System

1.Manually adjust the returning of oil valve with succinct and flexible operation.

2.With maximum load peak retention function.

3.Dynamically displays the charging load rate.

4.Test report randomly concludes: Test date, test number, damage load, compression strength etc.

Interface of the machine

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