2.Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1 X8 Level Explain

IP Protection Level Information For Rain Test

Ⅰ. Introduction: The series IP protection level rain test chamber is suitable for testing the waterproof performance of automobile lamps, wipers, waterproof strips, locomotive instruments and low-voltage electrical enclosure protection. The test box is designed and manufactured strictly according to the national standard technical parameters corresponding to the low-voltage electrical enclosure protection grade GB/T4942.2-1993 and the enclosure protection grade (IP code) GB4208-2008 and GB/T10485-2007.
Ⅱ, the equipment uses: IP series protection level rain test box is suitable for the examination of electrical products, shell and seal in the rain environment can guarantee the good performance of equipment and components. The scientific design of this product enables the device to realistically simulate various environments such as dripping, watering, splashing, and water spraying. Into the comprehensive control system and the adoption of frequency conversion technology, the rotation angle of the rainfall sample rack, the swing angle of the water swing swing and the swing frequency of the water spray can be automatically adjusted.
Ⅲ, the standard basis: IEC60529-2001, GB4208-2008, GB2423.23, GB5170.38, GB10485-93, IPX4. IPX3 equivalent JIS, DIN, MZl and other standards.
Ⅳ, the main technical parameters:
Specifications Model Inner Box Size (Deep × Width × Height) Dimensions (Deep × Width × Height)
HE-LY-800 800×800×800 (mm) 960×1160×1640 (mm)
HE-LY-1000 1000×1000×1000 (mm) 1160×1360×1840 (mm)
3.1 Observation window size (mm): (full glass door)
3.2 Test bed speed (rpm): 1 ~ 5 adjustable
3.3 Turntable size (diameter) φ300MM
3.4 Turntable load: 20KG
3.5 Water spray ring radius (mm): 375
3.6 Sprinkler swing angle range: 45°, 90°, 120°, 180° (can be set)
3.7 Water spray hole diameter (mm): (φ0.4)
3.8 Water spray aperture spacing (mm): (50)
3.9 Flow rate per spray hole: (0.07L/min ± 5%)
3.10 Water spray pressure (Kpa): 50-300 adjustable
3.11 swing tube swing: zui large (200°)
3.12 Sprinkler speed: (60°/s) can be set
3.13 Test time: 1-999,999min (settable)
3.14 The distance between the sample and the equipment is greater than 200mm
3.15 box full stainless steel, visible tempered glass window
3.16 Power supply: AC 1ψ 3W 220V 50HZ

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