2.Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1 X8 Level Explain

Is the Needle Plate on the Waterproof Dripping Test Machine Spliced?

Question :The dripping board of IPX12 drier can accept 1000mm size, meaning that the length and width of the rain board are 1000mm. In such a big plate, why is the needle board spliced by 4 small needle plates?

Answer :The pinhole spacing of the IPX12 drier is 20*20mm, that is to say, such rain board has a little rainfall. A dripping rain board may not bear the weight of water and cause danger. So when we make dripping boards, we use 4 stitching plates to splice together. A safety shield is also made under the dripping board, which will not affect the test results while ensuring the safety of the tester.

Question :How do the needle mouth of the rain spray test chamber do not come out of water?

Answer : The needle mouth of therain spray test chamber does not come out of water.
First, check the filter behind the box and change it.
Second, air compressor can be used to dry the needle mouth to see if there is any blockage.
Third, replaceable donated needles are tested again.

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