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Knowledge of Ozone Concentration in Ozone Aging Chamber

Knowledge of ozone concentration in ozone aging chamber:

Ozone is a mixture of gases whose concentration is usually expressed by mass and volume ratios.Mass ratio refers to the amount of mass of ozone contained in the mixed gas per unit volume, which is commonly expressed in units mg/L or g/m3.Volume ratio refers to the volume or percentage of ozone per unit volume, expressed as 2%, 5%, 12%, etc.

Health industry commonly used PPM to represent the concentration of ozone, that is, per cubic meter of ozone in the mixture of one-millionth of the volume of ozone is 1ppm.Ozone concentration is an important index to measure the technical content and performance of ozone generator.Under the same working conditions, the higher the ozone output concentration is, the higher the quality degree will be.

The main factors affecting the ozone concentration are: 1. The structure and processing accuracy of the ozone generator; 2. The cooling method and conditions; 3. The driving voltage and the driving frequency; 4. The dielectric material; 5. The oxygen content and the knot in the raw material gas. Net and dryness. Ozone production refers to the ozone output per unit time of the ozone generator; the product of the ozone concentration value and the total gas volume entering the ozone generator is the ozone production; usually expressed in units of mg/h, g/h, kg/h. . The ozone generator specification specifies that the ozone generator specification model uses ozone production representation and differentiation. The small ozone generator uses g/h as the unit, and the large ozone generator uses the kg/h unit to distinguish the size of the specification.

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