Low Pressure Chamber (1)

Low Pressure Test Chamber Knowledge

Product Usage
The low pressure test chamber is mainly used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, information, electronics, etc., and determines the environmental adaptability and reliability test of instrumentation, electrical products, materials, parts and equipment under low pressure, high temperature and low temperature single or simultaneous action. And at the same time, the test piece is energized to measure the electrical performance parameters, and the integrated test structure is adopted. The test box is composed of an insulation box (pressure-bearing structure) at the front, a refrigeration unit at the rear, a vacuum unit, and a test box. Electrical controller (system) on the gate
Vacuum system
1.Vacuum system composition: The vacuum system is a component of obtaining vacuum degree and measuring control vacuum degree. It is composed of vacuum measuring system and vacuum obtaining unit. 2. Vacuum degree measurement: vacuum degree measurement is measured by pressure sensor. The vacuum gauge adopts pressure strain. The vacuum measurement is realized, and the measurement data is a linear electric signal, which can be directly input into the device controller for display and control.
Conditions of Use
1. Installation site
The floor is flat and well ventilated
No strong vibration around the device
No strong electromagnetic field around the device
No flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment
Appropriate use and maintenance space is left around the equipment.
2, power supply conditions
Power requirements: AC380V ± 10% 50 ± 0.5Hz three-phase five-wire system
Pre-installed power: total power +2.0KW
The user is required to configure the air or power switch of the corresponding capacity at the installation site, and this switch must be used independently for this device (recommended power switch capacity: 32A)
3. Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ +30 ° C (average temperature within 24 hours ≤ 30 ° C)
Ambient humidity: ≤85% RH
4, water supply conditions (only wet heat type and need water equipment)
Use purified water, distilled water, deionized water. Resistivity ≥500Ω.m
5, other matters needing attention
Opening the door of the test chamber during the test will cause temperature and humidity fluctuations in the box; if the door is opened several times during the test or the door is opened for a long time or the test sample emits moisture, it may cause the heat exchanger of the refrigeration system to freeze. Not working properly

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