1 Thermal Shock Impact Test Chamber

Maintenance Cycle and Method of Temperature Shock Test Chamber

Temperature impact test chamber and hot and cold impact test chamber, it is divided into vertical hanging basket type hot and cold impact test chamber or horizontal sliding type hot and cold impact test chamber, it is widely used in electrical, electronic products, the whole machine and parts for cold test, the rapid changes in temperature or gradient under the condition of adaptability test, especially suited for electrical and electronic products environmental stress screening (ESS) test.
Maintenance method:
1.The temperature shock test chamber should be fixed to clean the condenser every 3 months: for the cooling system with air cooling, the condensing fan should be inspected regularly, and the condenser should be decontaminated and dedusted to ensure its good ventilation and heat transfer performance;For the cooling system using water cooling, in addition to ensuring that the inlet pressure and inlet temperature are within the prescribed range, the corresponding flow rate must be guaranteed, and the inside of the condenser must be cleaned and descaled regularly to obtain its continuous heat transfer performance.
2.If the temperature shock test box is kept at low temperature for a long time, after completing one cycle, the temperature should be set at 110 degrees, and the door of the box should be opened at a small range for defrost treatment for two hours.At the same time, after each test, set the temperature near the ambient temperature, work for about 30 minutes, then cut off the power supply, and clean the inner wall of the studio
3. The temperature impact test box should be cleaned regularly: due to different cleaning levels of test products, the evaporator will condense many small particles such as dust under the action of forced wind circulation, so the evaporator should be cleaned regularly.Cleaning and balancing of circulating air blade and condenser fan of test box: similar to cleaning evaporator, due to different working environment of test box, circulating air blade and condenser fan will condense many small particles, such as dust, which should be cleaned regularly.
4.Water way, humidifier cleaning: if the water way is not free, the humidifier scale is easy to lead to the humidifier dry burning, may damage the humidifier, so it is necessary to regularly clean the water way, the humidifier.
5.If the equipment needs to be moved, it is suggested to carry out it under the guidance of technical personnel to avoid damage to the equipment. If the customer moves by himself, a professional electrician must be provided to confirm the correct circuit before starting the operation, or it will burn out the relevant components of the equipment.
6. If the machine is shut down for a long time, it shall be powered up regularly every half a month for no less than one hour, and check whether the relevant parts and components of the equipment are running normally.

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