1 Temp And Humidity Test Chamber

Maintenance Of Main Parts in High And Low Temperature Test Chamber

OTS will briefly introduce the maintenance of the main parts in the high-low temperature test chamber for you as follows:
1. Evaporator: due to the different cleaning levels of the samples, the evaporator will collect a lot of dust and other small particles under the effect of forced wind circulation, which should be cleaned and wiped regularly.
2. Cleaning of circulating air blade and refrigeration compressor: similar to the cleaning of evaporator, due to the different working environment of the test box, circulating air blade and condenser fan will gather a lot of dust and other small particles, which should be cleaned regularly, but cannot be wiped with water or organic liquid, so as not to affect the performance of the equipment.
3, If the high and low temperature wet and hot test box series, that is to control the humidity of the high and low temperature test box, it is necessary to clear the humidifier or water, if the water is not smooth, the humidifier scaling easy to lead to dry burning humidifier, may damage the humidifier, so it must be regularly cleaned water and water humidifier.
4, Adhere to the completion of each test to set the temperature near the environment temperature, after work again after about 30 minutes to cut off the power supply, and clean the studio walls, if equipment need to move to in under the guidance of technical personnel, so as not to cause unnecessary injury or damage to the equipment, long-term outage when not in use should be regularly every half moon to product electricity, electricity time not less than 1 hour.

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