Material Torsion Test Machine

Material Torsion Test Machine is for torsion test of metals, non metals and composites, and suits for the standard of GB10128-88 Torsion Test of Metals under Room Temperature. It can test torque and twist angle value (Add the special electronic torsion meter, the sample can be measured at a small angle so as to realize the the shear modulus G test.) All test can be operated by the computer, and the result can be collected , saved and printed.

1.Main machine:
The left side is fixed port of sensor, right side is motor driven by rotation from worm gear to force multiplier.

2.Drive system
Equipped with digital motor and driver, the test range adjustment and uniformly loading can be achieved.

3.Torque and twist angle test
Equipped with high precision sensor, the torque can be tested in 2 directions. The torsion angle is detected by photoelectric encoder on the output axis to ensure that the displayed value is accurate. Through the computer data acquisition and processing system, the sensor, encoder signal processing on the computer screen display.

4.Measurement control system
This system consists of high precision bi-directional symmetrical torque sensor, voltage stabilizing power supply, measurement amplifier, A / D conversion and so on. Displacement measurement control system is composed of photoelectric encoder, frequency doubling and shaping circuit, counting circuit and so on. Through a variety of signal processing, computer control, data processing, display and other functions.

5.Test process
The whole test can be operated by computer, the torque, angle displacement and other data can be displayed on the screen.

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