Motor Test Bench/ Price For Vibrating Table/ Vibration Exciter –Two Options For Transport Simulation Vibration Machine

Transport simulation vibration machine is for a variety of packaging materials, PC boards, electrical products, as well as the simulated transport vibration test of the packaged products, to assess the degree of vibration-resistance.... simulate the transport process Caused damage because of the vibration force, the test results can be used as the reference of the design packaging.
Design standards: ASTM, ISTA

There are TWO kinds of transport vibration table:
1.Micro-computer vibration table
Equipped with a controller, you can easily start the test and set time, speed.


  • Low price, the price is only 10% of similar products in the United States;
  • Digital instrument display vibration frequency;
  • Synchronous mute belt drive;
  • The specimen is clamped with rail, easy to operate, safe;
  • The base of the machine adopts heavy-duty trench with damping pad, easy installation, smooth operation, no need to install the foot screw;
  • DC motor speed, smooth operation, strong load capacity;
  • Rotary vibration (commonly known as racing), in line with European and American transport standards;

2.Computerized vibration table
Connected with a computer, this machine can display present test curves and print test report.


  • More stable and reliable performance under human-based design and specialized control software.
  • Adopting the international advanced distributed system architecture and 32-bit floating-point DSP processor, the technical performance of vibration control system is further improved.
  • Modular and low noise design technology, independent installation in the control cabinet, simple connection with USB2.0 and computer, based on Windows 8 Application software.
  • To ensure stable operation, the system can automatically detect safty problems.
  • The system is equipped with automatic overshoot alarm and interrupt detection to shut down themachine when neccessary.
  • Automatically detecting the connection status of the system loop and displaying the state.
  • The system records the running curve in real time and saves it automatically.
  • This machine meets different I, II, III highway, ocean and air transportation simulation tests in different contries.
  • It suitable for all industries for simulating their products under transportation.
  • Equipped with large load capaticy, OTS machine can bear a strong ampliude that will not affect the test result.
  • Strong rotary strength function and detection.
  • Strong anti-interference ability.
  • High presicion of frequency output; Synchronous excitation; Uniform vibration on the table;
  • Equipped with high precision collector to catch frequency, rotary and accelerated in real time.
  • Comply with ISTA and GB/T standard. The software has been set related spesifications of different standard, users can enter the preset programmes and start the test.

Difference of those TWO machines:
1.Computerized vibration table shows the curves and can print test report, while micro one can only test the with no report and data.
2.Computerized machine can test in 3 modes: fixed frequency test, sweep test and multi-stage test, and the software has been set related spesifications of different standard, users can enter the preset programmes and start the test. While micro machine can start the test and change the frequency manually.

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