1 How To Distinguish UV Aging Test Machine For UVA Or UVB

Necessary Conditions and Matters For Using UV Aging Test Chamber

UV ultraviolet aging test chamber to simulate the aging degree of UV light products, mainly used in plastics, coatings industry, the detection of product quality at the same time, to ensure that the UV ultraviolet aging test chamber equipment itself a performance index is also very important, when doing the test, we should pay attention to the following questions, and make corresponding measures:
1. Requirements for placing UV aging test chamber are as follows: the ground is flat, well-ventilated, free of inflammable, explosive, corrosive gas and dust, etc.;
2. When the equipment is not working, it should be kept dry and the running water should be discharged to dry the studio and box;
3. Non-full-time operators shall not operate at will;
4. The user is required to equip the equipment with air or power switch of corresponding capacity at the installation site;
5. Due to the strong hazard of UV aging test chamber radiation to human (especially eyes), operators should minimize exposure to ultraviolet rays (exposure time should be less than 1 minute). Operators are recommended to wear protective eyepieces and protective covers.
6. The number and time of opening the door shall be avoided during the test;
7. During the operation of equipment, operators should check the water source to be sufficient;
8. If the equipment has not been used for a long time, please carefully check the water source, power supply and various components before starting the equipment;
9. Leave proper maintenance space around the equipment, which is convenient for operators to use;
10. After the test of UV aging test chamber, operators should put the plastic cover on it to avoid dust invasion.
If any dust is found before this time, it should be cleaned

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