Vibration Test Machine

Operation Behavior Avoided By Vibration Test Machine

Operation manual of vibration test machine:

As an environmental test equipment, the vibration test machine may cause the equipment to not be used properly because of improper operation. Therefore, the correct use method will prolong the service life of the vibration test stand. According to the years of experience, OTS provides the following operational notes for the majority of vibration test station users:


Operation behavior avoided by vibration test machine:


1, Can not put the three-phase power supply to two-phase power up, to distinguish between the purchase of the aircraft power supply is 380V or 220V. Similarly, the 220V power supply can not be connected to the 380V power source, otherwise it will cause unnecessary losses.

2, Outside part, need to install a separate air leakage switch or switch, not with the other power equipment sharing, so as to avoid damage to the equipment and not normal use.

3,  The internal wiring of the machine can not be arbitrarily changed and disassembled.

Button or switch

1, Factory inspection is normal, without special circumstances do not disassemble.

2, Such as button or switch replacing damaged, please answer according to law replaced the original factory, can not be arbitrarily changed.

3, If not treated, please call our guide to help solve.


1, Can not directly cut off the power supply in the machine is running.

2, Should be strictly in accordance with the instructions used in the procedure execution, can not take the easy refuge or casual settings, to prevent the normal operation of the machine.

3, The procedure of the program code can not be random (code parameters inside the machine without mention), otherwise it will produce a machine is not working properly.


1, Freely removable body, unless special circumstances, can call the manufacturers to help guide the operation.

2, Platform output cables to corresponding to vertical or horizontal output, otherwise it will not vibrate.

Can not pull the output line 3, body work, to prevent electric shock and short circuit or electric spark, causing damage to the machine.


1, Unless necessary, otherwise do not set.

2, If set, record your password.


Operation method and notice of vibration test machine:

1. Determine the power supply, connected to the power line.

2. The connecting line of the table is connected with the corresponding output port.

3. Adjust the amplitude should pay attention to not exceed the scope of the machine itself amplitude, otherwise there will be out of control or abnormal sound situation, should immediately stop work to correct.

4. After normal operation, or at regular time, the main surface of the table should be fixed to prevent vibration displacement caused by object loss.

5. The table can not work for a long time in overload or no-load large amplitude state.

6. The control box is the power control component, must not bear heavy objects and violent vibration.

7. Work must not be any cable plug.

8. Control box and mesa have heat sink hole, any logistics and sundries can not enter.

9. Sound should immediately stop check, or contact the factory processing before it can continue to run.

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