2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

Operation Method Of Salt Spray Test Chamber

Operation Method Of Salt Spray Test Chamber:

1. The internal parts of the salt fog test chamber: the tower spray device, funnel, round rod, V sample frame, etc.

2. Connect the gas source , turn on the power switch when the power is connected.

3. Add water in the pressure bucket and the inner chamber. After the two low-water lights are turn off, stop adding water and seal the seal groove.

4. Mix pure water with sodium chloride in proportion to 1:20.Pour the solution into the entrance of the test.(the low-brine lights turn off)

5. After all the lights are turn off, we can open the operation, spray, timer switch, and open the mist switch after the test.

6. According to the test requirements, the equipment can be continuously and periodically in two spray modes (T1 and T2 tables are set at 0 in continuous spray, and T1 is set to work time during intermittent spray, and T2 is time of rest).

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