Problems Affecting The Product Quality Of Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Operation Precautions of Ozone Aging Test Chamber

The ozone aging test chamber can be used in rubber products such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulated sheath and other products. Under static tensile deformation, it is exposed to airtight and unilluminated air and constant temperature test chamber with constant ozone concentration, testing samples at a predetermined time, cracking or cracking from the surface of the specimen. The degree of variation of other properties is used to assess the ozone aging resistance of rubber.

In normal operation, we should pay attention to the following points:

1, the power supply should be equipped with a overloaded fuse device in the power supply line for the special type of the chamber to ensure that the equipment has a good grounding device, which ensures the safety of the tester and ensures the service life of the equipment.

2.After the sample is numbered one by one, the test products are placed on the test turntable. Each other is not touched and collided with each other to ensure that the ozone is tested in uniform concentration in the test process and on the samples.

3, when the above points are completed, close the door. Switch off each switch of the control system, insert the power into the switch and turn the switch disc to turn automatically. At the same time, the power indicator light of the control system is bright. If the heating is heated, the switch (that is, the high temperature switch and the low temperature switch) must be opened, and then the automatic control system is adjusted.

4, ozone aging test chamber should be placed in a well ventilated indoor level, and flammable and explosive materials should not be placed around it.

5, should be installed in the power supply line iron shell knife switch one, for this chamber, please check the electrical performance of this chamber before the shell grounding electricity, and should pay attention to whether there are circuit breakers or leakage phenomenon, this instrument has no explosion-proof device, can not be put into the inflammable and explosive materials dry.

6. Do not place too much space in the chamber . You must leave room for hot air circulation.

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