2.Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1 X8 Level Explain

Operation Specification for Rain Test Chamber

Operation Specifications of Rain Test Chamber

First turn on the power, then turn on the power switch, and the power lamp will be on. It means that the controller will automatically enter the fixed value stop interface.

1. After power on, the machine will stop running when the control program set by the machine is finished;

2. When the set control program is finished, the machine will stop running;

3. Open the door handle and put the test samples on the sample rack;Then close the door.

Note: the capacity of sample placement should not exceed 2/3 of the capacity of test area.

4. According to the "TEMI880 operation manual", the test setting operation is carried out first, and then the test status is entered according to the set operation mode;

5. If you want to observe the changes in the box during the test, you can turn on the door light switch. You can turn on the changes in the box through the window. The controller will display the temperature and humidity changes in the test chamber (if there is no humidity requirement, the humidity value will not be displayed).

6. Open the handle of the box door, take the test sample out of the sample rack, check the tested sample, and record the test status; The test was completed;

7. After the test, turn off the power switch.

Matters Needing Attention of the Rain Test Chamber

1. When an unexpected sound is heard during operation, it needs to stop the machine for inspection. After finding out the fault, it can restart the machine, so as not to affect the service life of the equipment.

2. The drive mechanism must be refueled regularly, and the reducer must be equipped with clean # 20 oil.

3. After positioning the equipment, the supporting frame should be hoisted up to prevent the caster wheel from shifting after vibration during equipment test.

4. The shower test box runs for a long time. If the water jet hole is found to be blocked, the pipeline must be removed and then assembled after rinsing with tap water.

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