5 Xenon Lamp Test Conditions And Standard

Opinions on Xenon Aging Tester Usage and Maintenance

The xenon aging tester is also called the xenon arc lamp aging test machine and the xenon lamp weathering test chamber. It simulates sunlight, high and low humidity, high and low temperatures, and equipment that damages the surface of outdoor products. The xenon lamp aging test box is mainly divided into a bench-top air-cooled xenon test chamber and a vertical air-cooled xenon test chamber and a water-cooled xenon test chamber. Let's talk about the daily use of the vertical air-cooled xenon test chamber and how to properly operate the equipment to increase the life of the xenon test chamber.
One of the functions of the xenon lamp aging test chamber: high and low temperature parts. The high temperature of the xenon test chamber is controlled by a heating wire; the low temperature is controlled by the refrigeration compressor unit. Therefore, when using the equipment, the minimum temperature and maximum temperature must be set according to the temperature range on the test box manual. The minimum temperature of the conventional standard xenon test chamber is the ambient temperature at which the equipment is located, and the maximum temperature is 75 °C. Therefore, please do not exceed the set range when setting the temperature of the xenon test chamber. When the set low temperature is low, the water in the spray bar will freeze and it will not be sprayed. If the set temperature exceeds 75 °C, the irradiation probe will be damaged because the maximum operating temperature of most irradiation probes is 75 ° C.
The second function of the xenon lamp aging test chamber: the irradiation probe. The irradiation probes of xenon lamps are mostly water-cooled. Therefore, when using the xenon lamp aging test chamber, the booster pump for water circulation cooling of the irradiation probe must be regularly checked. When the booster pump fails, the xenon lamp test chamber cannot be used. Because the diameter of the water circulation hose of the irradiation probe is 6mm, the water tank that supplies the water source to the booster pump must use distilled water. The water passing through the product after spraying in the tank is not allowed to directly flow into the water tank, which will make impurities. Blocking the water circulation line causes the irradiation probe to fail to dissipate heat and damage it. The water sprayed in the test chamber can pass through the water filter and then enter the water tank, or add a water filter to the inlet of the booster pump.

The third function of the xenon lamp aging test chamber : high and low humidity. When the humidity is heated by the electric heating pipe, the humidity generated by the water vapor is generated, so the water quality requirement must be distilled water. The direct use of tap water and humidity will cause the scale in the tap water to adhere to the surface of the electric heating pipe. In the long run, the electric heating pipe will burst due to the heat transfer and heat transfer.

Xenon aging test chamber function four: spray. The water used for spraying must also be distilled water, because municipal tap water will be polluted many times during transportation. Therefore, if tap water is used directly, the impurities of tap water will cause the nozzle to clog and the spray will be uneven. The most important thing is tap water. Contains pollutants (acids, alkalis, metal minerals, etc.). When such tap water is sprayed onto the test product, it will corrode the surface of the product and affect the test data of the test product.

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