OPPO and VIVO Apply Reliability Test from Xin Bao Instrument

Background: With the development of technology, smart phone now becomes popular in China, and the number of users increases rapidly. It’s deemed that smart phone industry in 2017 would be more competitive than that in 2016. It’s reported by CounterPoint that the total shipment volume of 5 domestic mobile phone manufacturers -- Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, GIONEE, MI, takes up 58% of market share of China smart phone, which means that domestic mobile phone manufacturers have an overwhelming advantage in Chinese local market.

The following parts will give detailed introduction of the production line of OPPO and VIVO, which helps people understand how to make sure the quality and reliability of product within manufacturing processes.

According to the statistics from IDC, OPPO’s shipment volume in 2016 ranked first in China and came fourth in the world. OPPO, located in Dongguan, has established a  quality-control production system. Also, its standard is higher than national and industry standards. Moreover, it may take 6 months to produce a telephone with high quality by applying reliability test.

OPPO’S Mainboard Production Facility -- Chip Mounter

OPPO’s SMT Extraman

Meanwhile, its product shall pass 130 harsh overall test, including quality test, environmental test, destructive test, aging test, electrical performance test and compatibility test and so on.

Twist Test

Free Drop Test

Earphone Swa

Perspiration Test

Cosmetic Smear Test

Water-Spray Test

Key-press Strike Life Test

VOOC Data Line Insertion Force Test

There is a department named quality department with largest power in OPPO production system. It has veto rights, and isn’t influenced by delivery pressure with an independent existence, and it can suspend delivery and production.

Another smart phone manufacture VIVO established various rigorous test system.

VIVO’s Dust Free Production Workshop

In VIVO’s reliability test laboratory, the smart phone will be pressed 1000 times by automatic equipment with 30kg gravity, so as to finish human body sit pressure test. Meanwhile, it carries on twist test by putting 1~2N.m torque force on mobile phone from top to bottom.

Each testing smart phone shall go through 25 times flexing test. Then, observing mainboard and chip by 200 times microscope, only without any crack, can it pass the strict examination.

To test anti-drop performance, VIVO’s product is required to pass hundreds of drop test without any damage. The product is put on a minimum height of 1 meter, and is dropped from at least 26 angles, and this standard is higher than industry standard—testing from the height of 0.5 meter and six sides.

To promote anti-drop performance of screen, VIVO created Sandpaper Drop Test, which reduces 30% of risk of breaking screen by simulating rough cement floor with sandpaper.

VIVO's Drop Test

VIVO’s Quality Control

Reliability Test aims at finding out the problems in raw material, process structure, environmental adaptability and so on, and raise reliability index of products by trial and error and improvement. Reliability Test contributes to producing high-quality products and brings benefits to human, and this is precisely the corporate culture of our company.


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