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Precautions for The Use of Vacuum Drying Chamber

Designed for drying heat-sensitive, oxidizing and easily decomposable materials, the vacuum drying chamber can flush inert gases into the interior, especially for complex items. It is widely used in agricultural research, chemical pharmacy, biochemistry, medical and health, environmental protection and other research applications, for powder drying, baking and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers. The chamber is particularly suitable for fast and efficient drying of easily decomposable, heat sensitive, oxidizable and complex ingredients.Today we will introduce some precautions for the use of vacuum drying chambers:

1, Apart from maintenance, the vacuum drying chamber can not dismantle the left chamber cover, so as not to damage the electrical control system.
2, If drying goods is moist,it is best to add filters between the vacuum box and the vacuum pump to prevent the moist gas from entering the vacuum pump so as to guarantee the vacuum pump from fault.
3,The equipment should be used in the environment where the relative humidity is less than 85%RH, and there is no corrosive gas, strong vibration source and strong electromagnetic field.
4,The vacuum drying chamber should be kept clean. The door glass should not be wiped with reactive chemical solution and wiped with soft cotton cloth.
5,The vacuum drying chamber has no explosion-proof and anticorrosive treatment. It is not allowed to dry easily, explosive and corrosive gases.
6,The shell must be in contact with the ground.
7, After the vacuum drying chamber is used many times, it will produce the phenomenon that the vacuum can not be drawn. At this time, the door seal should be replaced or the distance of the door button on the chamber should be adjusted to solve it.

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