Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Precise Use of High Temperature Test Equipment

Accurate use of high and low temperature test chamber equipment according to the test equipment simulation by environmental factors, environmental testing equipment can be roughly divided into: climate equipment (including biological environmental testing equipment), machinery environmental testing equipment, climate comprehensive environmental test equipment and other environmental test equipment, etc.
We have dozens of sets of environmental test equipment.
The environmental test equipment provides the necessary information and data for the development and development of modern high-tech products and the inspection and acceptance tests of products.
Still, environmental testing equipment is a sophisticated and expensive device.
The proper use and operation of environmental test equipment can not only provide accurate basis for the detection personnel, but also enable the environment test equipment to run normally and prolong the service life of the equipment.
First, when you do environmental testing performance of the required test sample, test conditions, test procedures and test technology, be familiar with the technical characteristics of the test equipment to use to familiar with, to the structure of the equipment, especially for the operation and performance of the controller must be familiar with.
Carefully reading test equipment operation manual, high and low temperature box can avoid the error caused by the test equipment is not normal operation that cause damage to the test samples, test data is not correct.

Secondly, reasonable selection of test equipment.
In order to ensure the normal test, should according to the different situation of test samples, select the appropriate test equipment, test samples and test cases between the effective volume of also want to maintain a reasonable proportion.
For the test of the samples of the heat test, the volume of the sample should be less than one-tenth of the effective volume of the test box.
For non-febrile test samples, the volume should be less than one fifth of the effective volume of the test box.
A 21 ` color television, for example, when doing temperature storage test, choose a one cubic volume of test chamber can meet the requirements, and in the current work, it will not be able to meet the requirements, should be in a bigger test chamber, high and low temperature box because the TV at work to radiate heat.
Third, place test samples properly.
The test samples should be placed in a position of 10cm above the box wall and should be placed on the same plane as possible for multiple samples.
Sample placement should not clog the outlet and return air inlet, and the temperature and humidity sensor should be set aside.
To ensure that the test temperature is correct.

Fourth, the test should be added correctly according to the test requirement.
Such as hot and humid chamber water has certain requirements, test chamber water resistivity is not less than 500 euro. Meters, 10-100 general water resistivity. Meters and distilled water resistance of 100-10000. M, deionized water resistivity. 10000-100000 meters, so hot and humid test water to use distilled water or deionized water, and be sure to use fresh, because after it is exposed to air, water are susceptible to carbon dioxide and dust pollution, the water can have the nature of the substance, in the long run, resistance rate to decline.
There is now a pure water to compare the economy, and is convenient, the resistivity of high - temperature box is equal to distilled water.
Use of wet heat test box.
Humid heat test chamber with wet gauze ball (wet bulb paper) there is a requirement, not any gauze can substitute, because the reading of the relative humidity was from root is the difference between the temperature and humidity, strict said also related to the local atmospheric pressure, wind speed at the time.
The temperature of the wet bulb is related to the amount of water absorbed by the gauze and the evaporation of the surface.
These are directly related to the quality of gauze, so it is stipulated that wet ball gauze must be a special "wet gauze" made of linen.
Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure the correctness of the temperature indicator of the wet bulb, which is the correct humidity.
Of wet gauze ball was also have specific provision, gauze length: 100 mm, closely intertwined sensor probe, the probe from the humidity cup 25 to 30 mm, gauze in glass, high and low temperature box so as to ensure the accuracy of equipment control accuracy and the humidity.

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