Preparation before using the Muffle furnace high temperature gloves, crucible tongs, crucibles, spoons, high temperature asbestos board.
2. preheating of Crucible: put the clean and complete crucible into the oven to preheat for 20 minutes before burning.
3. turn on the power and turn on the digital temperature controller.
4.temperature regulation: set the temperature to the temperature required by the experiment. (generally 950 ℃)

Precautions for using the Muffle furnace

1.Inflammable, explosive and corrosive materials shall not be stored around the equipment.
2. Keep the furnace clean and clean the oxide and other sundries in the furnace in time.
3.when power on, first check whether the electric performance of the muffle furnace is in good condition, whether the grounding is in good condition, and pay attention to whether there is power failure and leakage.
4.When the Muffle furnace is used for the first time or it is used again after being out of service for a long time, it must be dried.
5.It is forbidden to pour various liquids and soluble metals into the furnace.

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