Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Principle of Three Systems of Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

The operation of industrial constant temperature and humidity test chamber system is through three interconnected systems: refrigerant circulation system, air circulation system, electrical control system.

1. Refrigerant circulation system:

Liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs heat air (air cooling and dehumidification) and begins to evaporate, eventually formed certain temperature difference between refrigerant and air, liquid refrigerant also completely evaporate into gas, compressor suction and after compression (pressure and temperature increase), gaseous refrigerant absorbs heat through the condenser (air/water), condenses into a liquid.

After the expansion valve (or capillary), it becomes low temperature low pressure refrigerant into the evaporator to complete the refrigerant circulation process.

2. Air circulation system:

Fan is responsible for the air from the inlet suction, air through the evaporator (cooling and dehumidification), humidifier, electric heater (temperature) after the air supply outlet to user needs of space, out of the air in the air and space back in return air mouth after mixed.

3. Electrical control system:

Includes power supply and automatic control. The power supply is supplied to the compressor, fan, electric adder and humidifier. Automatic control part is divided into temperature, humidity control and fault protection parts: temperature and humidity control is through the temperature and humidity controller, will return air temperature and humidity and temperature humidity set by the user, and automatic operation of the compressor (cooling and dehumidification), humidifier, electric heating (heating), and other components, realize the constant temperature and humidity automatic control fault protection is controlled by pressure protection, overload protection, delay timer, relay combination to each other, for compressor, fan, humidifier, such as the fault protection of control components.

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