Problems Affecting The Product Quality Of Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Problems Affecting The Product Quality Of Climatic Test Chamber

Constant temperature humidity test chamber can be simulated high temperature and high humidity, high temperature and low humidity, low temperature and humidity of different environments, such as test conditions, suitable for testing materials, heat resistant, resistant to dry, wet and cold resistance, resistance to determine the product's resistance to aging and the performance of the special environment;Programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine is widely used in electronics, communication, chemical industry, plastics, rubber and other manufacturing industries.

1. Safety and reliability of test equipment
Environmental testing, especially the reliability test, the test cycle is long, the test object is sometimes a highly valued military product , xenon lamp weather-resistant test box test process, test personnel often have to operate patrol around at the scene or testing work, so the environment test equipment must be running safety, convenient operation and reliable in use, long service life, etc, xenon lamp weather-resistant test chamber in order to ensure the normal conduct of test itself.Test equipment of all kinds of protection and alarm measures and safety interlocks should be perfect and reliable, to ensure that the test personnel and test products and test the safety and reliability of the device itself xenon lamp weather-resistant test cases.

2. The measurement and control of environmental condition parameters
The environmental conditions provided by any environmental test facility must be observable and controllable, ultraviolet aging test chamber which is not only in order to make the environmental parameters are limited within a certain tolerance range, to ensure the reproducibility and repeatability of the test conditions, and starting from the safety of product test is necessary, ultraviolet aging test chamber so as to prevent environmental conditions cause the damage of the subjects product out of control, and cause unnecessary losses.At present, the accuracy of the parameter test in various test specifications should not be lower than one-third of the error allowed by the test conditions.

3. The reproducibility of environmental conditions
The complete and accurate representation of the environment in the laboratory is an impossible task..Uv resistant climate chamber but, within a certain tolerance range, it will be completely correct and approximate simulation engineering products in the process of use, storage, transportation and other environmental conditions of the outside world.Summarize, in the language of engineering of this passage is created around the subjects of "test equipment products surrounding environmental conditions (including the platform environment) ultraviolet aging tester products should meet the conditions stipulated in the test specification and its tolerance requirements".

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