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Problems in Mobile Phone Environmental Reliability Testing

According to the response of reliability testing institutions, with the increase of mobile phone manufacturers and the intensification of market competition, almost all manufacturers are emphasizing that only expanding the scale can provide the hope of survival and development. In order to stimulate the demand of consumers, the speed of mobile phone manufacturers launching new models is accelerating. The R&D cycle has been continuously shortened.

It usually needs several stages, such as design, R&D, test, trial production, trial use, market feedback and small-scale promotion, to bring a mobile phone into the market. Because it shortens the time from R&D to market launch, some important test links are simplified, so the reliability of the product exists. The problem is hard to find.
On the other hand, some weak mobile phone manufacturers have not established a complete testing and testing system, so they lack the necessary testing means to ensure product quality.

From the short-term effect, the blind cancellation or reduction of necessary testing can shorten the research and development cycle, speed up the launch of new products, save funds, reduce product costs, and thus increase market share.
But from the long-term development of enterprises, the increase in after-sales costs, brand image is affected, and enterprises are not worth the loss. The market share of state-owned brand mobile phones has declined rapidly in the past two years, and there are some reasons for this.
Therefore, it is necessary for enterprises to strengthen the reliability test of mobile phones, improve and improve the quality of mobile phones through testing.

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