5 Xenon Lamp Test Conditions And Standard

Process of Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

Process of Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber:

1. Sample fixation
The sample shall be fixed on the sample shelf in a way that is free from any external stress. Each sample shall be marked not easily to be removed, and the mark shall not be marked on the site to be used in subsequent tests.
For the convenience of inspection, the layout of sample placement can be designed.
If necessary, an opaque substance may be used to cover a portion of each sample throughout the test period to compare the occlusion to the exposure, which is useful for examining the exposure process of the sample.
However, the test results shall be subject to the comparison between the exposed surface of the sample and the control sample kept in the dark.
2, Exposed
Before the sample is put into the xenon lamp aging test box, the equipment shall be operated under the selected test conditions (chapter 6 of the test conditions GB/T16422.2-1999) and shall remain constant during the test.
The sample shall be exposed for a specified period of time.
The irradiance measurement device may be exposed simultaneously if desired.
Good is often changing the sample's position to reduce any exposure to local inhomogeneity.
When changing the position of the sample, the orientation of the sample at the initial fixation should be maintained.
If the sample is to be taken out for regular inspection, care should be taken not to touch or damage the surface of the sample.
After inspection, the samples should be returned to their test stands or test boxes in their original state to keep the orientation of the test surface consistent with that before inspection.
3. Measurement of radiation exposure
If a dosimeter is used, it should be installed so that the radiometer can show the irradiance on the exposed surface of the sample.
For the selected passband, the irradiance within the exposure cycle is expressed as the radiation energy per unit area of the human emission spectrum on the exposure plane, and the unit is joule per square meter
4. Determination of the performance change of the sample after exposure
According to GB/T15596.

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