2.Water Spray Test Chamber IPX1 X8 Level Explain

Product Design Features of the Pendulum Rain Test Chamber

The pendulum rain test chamber is mainly used to check whether the product shell/seal can ensure the good working performance and technical state of the equipment and components after the water test or during the test. At the same time, the product may be affected by water immersion during transportation and use, and provide reference basis for product technical standards.

The pendulum rain test box is suitable for artificial rain test based on natural conditions. It does not have strong wind speed rainfall, and does not consider the large amount of water influx caused by the high temperature of the sample and the temperature difference of the rain.

Pendulum rain test box product design:

1.Box material: It is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate, and the studio or other parts with contact with water are made of stainless steel plate or copper material.

2.Water pump: provide pressurized test water source

3, flow meter: water flow metering

4, the door: large screen visible tempered glass door, observe the test situation at any time

5, speed reduction mechanism: worm gear reducer

6.Swing tube swing: It is realized by mechanical transmission such as motor/inverter drive reducer/eccentric wheel mechanism/rack gear. Use the frequency converter to adjust the number of times (in unit time) to adjust the required angle through the eccentric mechanism.

7.Rotating table: The table is made of PVC hard board (corrosion resistant board). The motor drives the worm gear reducer to rotate, and the inverter is used to adjust the speed.

8.Water supply tank: stainless steel water storage tank, equipped with water filter, water inlet float valve, drain valve. If heating is required, electric heating tube and temperature controller can be installed in the water tank.

9.Sewer: The design can be quickly discharged at the bottom of the tank without water accumulation.

10. Nozzle: According to the size of the test piece, the inner volume of the box determines the bending radius of the pendulum tube. The nozzle is a special nozzle that can be folded. The nozzle hole can be replaced at any time according to the standard required aperture. The water spray direction can be adjusted to make the water droplets sprayed evenly and the flow rate is sufficient.

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