Automatic Insertion Force Testing Machine

Automatic Insertion Force Testing Machine1


The machine is used in the insertion and extraction force tests of various kinds of connectors. Equipped with an automatic axopetal device and the special fixture for all kinds of connectors, it can ensure accurate insertion and extraction force results. The machine adopts the Windows program, which is easy to operate and can automatically store test data (such as load-stroke curve, load life die-away curve and test results) and all test conditions. The machine also adopts high-precision load cell measurement and servo motor drive, which ensures accurate insertion and extraction force results, making it an essential detecting instrument in the development and research and quality inspection of connector manufacturers and finished products manufacturers.


  • Connector whole line insertion and extraction test
  • Connector single port insertion and extraction test
  • Connector insertion and extraction duration test
  • Connector single pin and plastic retention test
  • Connector normal force test
  • Connector clip compression test
  • Connector dynamic impedance test
  • Various tensile and pressure test
  • Connector dynamic impedance test (optional)


Model XB-OTS-1220S
Capacity (Optional) 5kgf,10kgf, 20kgf, 50kgf,100kgf
Unit (Switchable) kgf, N, Lb, gf
Load Accuracy ±0.5%
Load Least Display 0.01kgf or 0.01gf
Test Stroke 0~150mm
Stroke Least Display 0.001mm
Effective Width 200,400mm (optional)
Test speed 0~200mm/min or 600mm/min
Speed Accuracy ±0.5%
Motor Panasonic servo motor
Dimension (WxDxH) 360x270x950mm


1. Use touch screen control to operate simple and intuitive.
2. Independent controller to control the motor, so that the trip to an accurate up to 0.01mm, which is other mechanical control stroke or photoelectric control stroke simple plug test machine can not be compared;
3. The design of the load protection, when the upper and lower limits to set the test machine to automatically stop the action to prevent the sensor was crashed.
4. Ordinary non-computer plug-in testing machine has the following defects:
a single function, can only do plug-in test; stroke is mechanical control (adjust the deflection wheel or adjust the electrical switch), travel accuracy can not meet the connector test requirements;
Protection, because the test procedure is quite simple, when the customer misuse the upper and lower jigs hit together, the program can not stop the test machine work, to make great damage to the sensor;
compared with the horizontal plug force, can be equipped with automatic heart device, Test is not inserted partial; powerful, price concessions. Is a connector manufacturer of a considerable practical utility of the plug test machine.

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