Battery Altitude Simulation test chamber



The device is used for high-altitude low-pressure simulation test, the measured specimen into the low pressure box, adjust the test chamber pressure is 11.6kPa (1.68psi), the temperature is room temperature, standing 6 hours, observe 1h.
Equipment can automatically control the test cycle (such as 6H), the entire process to monitor the pressure changes in the box, automatically keep the box constant pressure to achieve the automatic termination of the test.


  • Battery

Test standard:

UN38.3,UL1642,UL2054,GB 8897.4-2002,IEC60086-4 ,GB31241,SN/T1414, SN/T1413 , YD1628, GJB2374, QB/T2052,IEC62133-2012, SAE-J2464,GB31241,IEC62133-2012 ,IEC 62281: 2006 ,IEC 60086: 2007 ,IEC 61960


Digital display vacuum degree control table: pressure range 1-60kPa adjustable, commonly used 11.6kPa
Inside size of the box: W400*H400*D400mm
Outside size of the box: 800*670*910 (W*H*D) mm
Shelf Two pieces insulating material shelf
Outer box material: steel plate lacquer treatment
Inner box material: stainless steel
Various takeover: special steel materials
Clapboard: 304 stainless steel frame
Pressure range: 1~60KPA
Pressure fluctuations: ≤5%
Pressure to save time: 26h reduce 5%
Equipment power: AC380V 60Hz,5A / 220 V sigle phase 60 Hz


Automatic control of air input and output, automatic control of air pressure constant Sealing ring with high temperature resistant silica gel for door seal Observe the glass window: the box door has a toughened glass observation window, and the user can clearly observe the inside of the box.

Use condition

1.Avoid sunlight shine directly or high temperature and wet;
2.Place on smooth ground;
3.The power supply is three-phase five-wire power supply, can be ground
4. Please make sure that the environment temperature is 20±5 degree when using, to ensure the casing
test temperature.

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