Battery Burning Testing Machine

Battery Burning Test Machine


Battery Burning Test Machine is suitable for lithium battery (or battery pack) flammability test. Drill a round hole with a diameter of 102 mm on an experimental platform and place a wire mesh on the round hole to place the measured battery on the wire mesh. Install an octagonal aluminum mesh around the pattern (then ignite the burner, heat the sample until the battery explodes or the battery burns, and the combustion process is timed.


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Model XB-OTS-659
Burner Bunsen burner, nozzle diameter of 9.5mm long about 100 mm
Burning gas demand High purity liquefied petroleum gas (configured by yourself)
Flame application time 0 ~ 999.9 seconds ± 0.1 seconds
Flame hight 10~ 75±2 mm
Test hole diameter 102mm
Test cover width 12 inches (305 mm) X depth 14 inches (355 mm), octagon
Test cover height 24 inches (610 mm)
Ignition devices Automatic ignition (remote control type control 8 meters of less than effective)


1.The battery combustion tester is used for testing fire resistance of battery.
2.The result is according to the fire time to determine the fire resistance capability.
3.The test finish when the burning battery is exploded or burned away.

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