Battery Crush Tester

Battery Crush Tester


Test battery safety performance through crush, after test the sample shall not explode or catch fire.This equipment becomes necessary inspection equipment for the battery manufacturer and researcher.


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Model XB-OTS-658
Pressure range 13kN(1kN~20kN adjustable)
The pressure accuracy ±1.0kg
Sensor resolution 1/100,000
Compression space 300*400*300mm
Machine travel 200mm
Weight 150kg
Delay function 0 to 60 minutes
Diameter of fluid cylinder 70MM
Power transmission mode 1. The battery is clamped two flat, plate extrusion pressure in the hydraulic pressure transmission;
2. After the battery is firmly clamped, the pressure began to squeeze until the number was raised to the hydraulic cylinder 2500 (17.2Mpa), the pressure between the two plates is 3000pound (13KN), the sudden release of pressure;
3. Battery diameter parallel to the plate, the square-shaped battery needs to be rotated 90 degrees and then squeeze.


1.The wire enclosed with metal fire-proof cover, which is available to prevent the flame  during testing process.
2.Lighting system is designed to observe the internal testing process;
3. Nail Penetration/Crush Force controllable within range from 250N to 13KN ,meet different standards;
4.Wire hole provides a possibility to test internal temperature or air pressure while vent  hole with air blower can discharge the exhaust air.
5.Control system employs independent control cabinet & separated with the test chamber with a distance 1-2 meter, which can reduce the noise and improve safety.

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