Battery Drop Tester

Battery Drop Tester 1


Battery Drop Tester is available for package face, corner, edge free drop testing.
With height digital display instrument and tracing height with encoder, so can measure the precision drop height. Adopt pneumatic structure, fix the specimen with special fixture (range adjustable), push the drop button, pneumatic cylinder open, specimen free dropping . The drop height controllable, and with height steel ruler which makes drop height available. Various kinds drop floor optional. Meets different testing standards.


  • Battery


Model XB-OTS-657
Drop Height 300~1500mm(Controllable, steel ruler ,min.indication value :1mm)
Testing Method Face, edge, corner dropping
Max Test Loading 2kg±100g
Drop floor material A3steel plate (Acrylic plate,marble plate, wooden plate optional )
Drop floor dimension 500 x 600 x 200mm(solid plate)
Machine dimension W700 X D900 X H1650mm
Drop method Pneumatic dropping
Height display Altimeter height control,LED number,Accurate to 1 mm
Air Source <1mpa
Control box 210×180×140mm
Power supply 1∮,AC220V,ф5A
Machine weight 80KG


1.Drop tester for the face of the package, Angle and edge for free drop test, equipped with digital display and the highly display decoder to track height, drop height, which can accurately give products with preset drop height error less than 2%, or 10 mm.
2.The machine adopts single arm double column structure with electric reset, electric control drop and electric lifting device, easy to use;
3.The unique hydraulic buffer device greatly increases the service life of the machine, the stability and security.

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