Battery Impact Tester

Battery Impact Tester 1


Battery Impact Tester can testing battery sample should be placed on a flat surface and place a bar with a diameter of 15.8mm (5/8 inch) across the central position of the sample. A weight of 9.1kg or 10kg±0.46kg (20±1lbs) falls on the sample from a height of 1000±25mm.


  • Battery


Model XB-OTS-656
Falling ball weight 9.1kg±0.46Kg(20±1 Pounds)or10 Kg
Falling height 610~1000mm(Digital display can be set)
Internal material SUS#304 stainless steel plate
External material Cold rolled steel baking finish
Power mode Electric, fall free
Upper and lower impact surfaces Steel plates
Power supply 1∮,AC220V,ф5A
Machine weight About 105Kg
Using Circumstance   0 ~ 30° C
Crossing Bar Diameter 15.8 mm(Place on central position in cross direction and the heavy bar and steel bar is parallel to battery bottom)
Chamber Gate Single Door, Viewing Window, cold-rolled door lock
Air Vent 150mm, on the top of back of chamber


1.Dual rail structure that protects the tester if sudden power supply cut-off but the impact weight won’t drop;
2.Impact weights can be changed over, mounting, dismantling in an easy way that provides an excellent solution to treat the error due to secondary impacts and improve the test accuracy.
3.The wire enclosed with metal fire-proof cover, which is available to prevent the flame during testing process.
4.Lighting system is designed to observe the internal testing process;
5.Height can be display in a digital way with controllable height from 25-1000mm.
6.Wire hole provides a possibility to test internal temperature or air pressure while vent hole with air blower can discharge the exhaust air.
7.Control system employs independent control cabinet & separated with the test chamber with a distance 1-2 meter, which can reduce the noise and improve safety.

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