Battery Short Circuit Testing Machine

Battery Short Circuit Testing Machine 1


Battery Short Circuit Testing Machine is designed by combining various battery short circuit test standard requirements. According to the standard requirements, the short circuit device must conforms to the internal resistance range far less than 100mΩ so as to achieve the maximum short circuit current required by the test.


  • Battery


Model XB-OTS-7078
Working voltage 220VAC 50Hz-60Hz
Impulse voltage AC 1kv/1.2-50μs,1min
Short circuit range 0-1000A(adjustable)
Response time ≤5μs
Maximum voltage of measurable battery 100V
Internal resistance ≤5mΩ
Cold state voltage sucks ≯66%Us
Cold state voltage releasing ≯30%Us,≮5%Us
Mechanical life 300000 times
Electrical Life Resistive load 50000 times
Working Environment -10℃~100℃,10~90%R.H.


1.Layout structure, electromagnetic system and main contact arc extinguishing system are respectively fixed on the mounting frame, the angular rotation of the clapper type electromagnetic system and double winding attraction coil, arris pressing device is added in the rotation angle
2.The rated working current 1000A DC, a series of magnetic blow longitudinal clapboard clay arc shield arc extinguishing system
3.Contactor reliability, safety, long service life, convenient repair and maintenance
4.Measurement of voltage: 0-100V, ensure the accuracy of test;
5.Reliable, stable, has the self-locking and interlocking functions, strong anti-interference ability, long service life

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