Ceramic unglazed brick wear-resisting tester

Ceramic unglazed brick wear-resisting tester


The tester is mainly composed of spindle drive system, weight lever system, oil box and heater, friction measurement system, industrial all-in-one machine programmable terminal (which can preset, control, alarm and display friction, speed, time, temperature and other parameters), electrical control system, strong current system and other parts, all of which are installed on the frame with the base as the main body.


  • Ceramic
  • Mosaic
  • Cement mortar


Grinding wheel speed:
Grinding wheel 1:
Diameter 200±0.2mm, thickness 10±0.1mm, E235A or Fe360A steel for GB/T3810.6-2016
Grinding wheel 2:
Diameter 200±0.2mm, thickness 70±0.1mm,45 steel, hardness HB203-245, suitable for GB/T12988-2009
Pressure weight 1:
the mass of 2.5kg, applicable to GB/T3810.6-2016
Pressure weight 2:
the mass of 14kg, GB/T12988-2009
The abrasive is F80 corundum abrasive
Storage hopper volume is greater than 5L
The test time can be preset, digital display

Working principle:

The instrument is composed of power transmission part, sample fixture part, abrasive storage part and electrical control part. The grinding wheel rotates at a constant speed, and the sample contacts the friction steel wheel with a certain pressure through the pressure weight. The abrasive enters the grinding area evenly according to the specified flow rate (100g/100r/±10g/100r), and the grinding pit is generated on the surface of the sample under the action of the abrasive. By measuring the specimen surface of the grinding chord length (accurate to 0.5 mm), calculate the grinding volume to indicate the wear degree of the specimen. Each sample was evaluated by the average wear volume of the two parts.

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