Chair Seat Surface Impact Tester

Chair Seat Surface Impact Tester 2


The machine is used to test Seat surface at a certain weight, speed, and the required number of repeated shocks, the various parts of the deformation, loose parts and welding extent of the damage. The office chair fixed tripods, specify the weight of a sandbag, set the time and frequency reciprocating impact seat surface, travel, direction, speed, time and frequency can be adjusted settings.


  • Chair seat surface


Mode XB-OTS-2010
Counter 0-999,999, memory, output control
Impact sandbags diameter 16 inch 125 pounds standard sandbags
Static pressure mould diameter 8 inch, 165 pounds briquetting
Impact speed 10-30 times/minute or specified
Static pressure speed 10-30 times/minute or specified
Cylinder stroke 0-300mm
Rail height 90-135cm
Machine size 270*85*80cm
Power AC220V,3A
BIFMA requirements impact 100000 times+ static pressure 20000 times(left)
+static pressure 20000times (right)


1.The tester uses aluminum framework, elegant design, pneumatic transmission loading ,easy to clean.
2.The machine adopts Japanese SMC cylinder.
3.The machine LCD screen operation control box.

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