Charpy Impact Testing Machine

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Charpy Impact Test Machine can accurately measure the impact performance of plastic, film, paper, composite film, metal foil and other materials.The equipment adopts electronic test, the automation degree is very high, complete with professional software, can curve analysis, data store, comparison and so on the test data.


  • Plastic Film
  • Slice
  • Paper
  • Complex film
  • Metal Foil


Products Name Charpy Impact Tester 
Model No. XB-OTS- C500
Impact Energy


1J,2J,3J(can be custom)
Resolution Ratio 0.001J
Punch Size Φ25.4 mm, Φ19 mm, Φ12.7 mm( can be custom)
Diameter of Holder for Sample Φ89 mm,dia60 mm
Specimen Size 100 mm x 100 mm or dia100 mm
Air Pressure 0.6MPa(prepared by users)
Air Connection PU Tube dia6mm
Overall Size 600 mm(L)× 390mm(W)× 600mm(H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz(can be custom)
Net Weight 64kg


1.The measuring range can be adjusted, and the electronic measurement can easily and accurately realize the test under various test conditions.

2.The pneumatic clamping, the pneumatic release of the pendulum and the horizontal adjustment auxiliary system effectively avoid the systematic errors caused by human factors.

3.The system is controlled by microcomputer, with LCD display, menu interface and PVC operation panel, so as to facilitate user's quick test operation and data view

4.Microprinter and standard RS232 interface, convenient for system and computer external connection and data transmission

5.Support the Lystem ™ laboratory data sharing system, unified management of test results and the test report

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