Click marking testing machine

Click marking machine


The touch screen marking machine developed and manufactured by the company is a set of precision machinery, automatic control marking in one of the high-tech products. This machine is mainly for computer, mobile phone, phone, electronic dictionary and other small consumer electronic products handwritten screen, touch screen drawing, click, friction endurance test. This product has the advantages of strong function, simple programming, convenient operation and low price.


  • Computer
  • Mobile phone
  • Other small consumer electronic products


X axis movement range:
0 ~ 350mm
Y-axis movement range:
0 ~ 350mm
Click the cylinder stroke:
0 ~ 15mm
Positioning accuracy:
Moving speed:
Pressure range:
0 ~ 800gf
750 x 600 x 450mm
Power supply:

The Features:

1. Motion track and test: convenient coordinate point finding function, just take three points in the program can generate a circle, triangle and other motion track, take any two points can be marked, take any four points to draw a rectangle, and according to the test phone specifications can store the motion track for the next call;
2, the stepper motor with linear guide rail and ball screw as a moving mechanism, accurate positioning, high precision, low noise; Fine, durable and other characteristics.
3, can real-time display the current X, Y coordinate value, motor drive speed, real-time position changes, etc.;
4, the machine adopts high rigid aluminum surface by anodic oxidation treatment, rich texture.
5, XY axis is driven by stepping motor, ball screw drive, high speed, low noise, durable use;

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