Programmable Environmental Temperature Humidity Climate Test Chamber


Temperature humidity test chamber is use to test material heat,cold,dry resistance, humidity resistance.Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, communications, instrumentation, vehicles, plastic products, metal, food, chemical, building materials, medical, aerospace and other products.

1Ø 220V 50Hz/ 3Ø 380V 60Hz/Customized
Temperature range
-70℃ ~180℃
Humidity range
10% ~98%RH
(5%~98% R.H. customized)
Temp.& humidity control fluctuation
≤±0.5℃, ≤ ±2.5%RH
Indication resolution
0.01℃, 0.1 %RH
Temp.&humidity Uniformity
≤±1.5℃,≤±2.5% RH
Heat up&Cool down time
 ≤5℃/min for heating; ≤ 1.2℃/min for cooling
Cooling type
Air cold
Chamber materials
SUS#304 stainless steel for Inner chamber with thickness 1.5mm
Steel plate for external chamber with thickness 1.5mm
Rigid polyurethane foam + ultrafine glass fiber with thickness of 100mm

Mechanical Room

Refrigerating unit, water supply and drainage device, blower fan, power distributing Cabinet;
Humidifying and humidity measuring water utilization control device

Electronic Box

Heat emission blower fan
Distribution switchboard
Test terminal of sample
USB physical interface (need to be purchased together with centralized monitoring software)
Residual current circuit breaker of main power supply

Heating Device

Basin heating humidifying method
Stainless steel armored heater is adopted in basin humidification
Control mode of heater: non contact equal period pulse-width modulation, SSR (solid state
Water level control device, dry heating prevention device of heater
1.Basin heating humidifying method
2.Control mode of heater: non contact equal period pulse-width modulation, SSR (solid state relay)
3.Water level control device, dry heating prevention device of heater

Control panel

Temperature (humidity) control display, over temperature protection setting device,emergency switch, run indicator, failure


Imported Compressor
Fits wide range of pressure
Higher heating efficiency
Easy to maintain


1.Unique design of the box within the wind circulation structure, to ensure that under the conditions of the test with the case of
uniformity within the box within ± 2 ℃

2.Unique design of the humidity test when the top of the box anti-drip design to ensure that live test from water short circuit,

surface water pollution

3.Using the latest environmentally friendly adsorption drying processor, effective control of the product when the surface
temperature condensation

4.The refrigeration room is fully sealed and soundproofed to reduce machine noise and box resonance, machine noise control within

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