Climatic Test Chamber



Temperature humidity test chamber is use to test material heat,cold,dry resistance,humidity resistance.Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, Communications, instrumentation, vehicles, plastic roducts, metal, food, chemical, building materials, medical, aerospaceand other products.


  • Battery
  • Vehicles
  • Chemical
  • Aerospace
  • Metal Parts
  • Electronics
  • Car Spare Parts
  • Building Materials
  • Communication Equipment
  • Plastic Rubber Products


Model XB-OTS-80 XB-OTS-150 XB-OTS-225 XB-OTS-408 XB-OTS-800 XB-OTS-1000 XB-OTS-1A
Inner size

WHD (cm)

40*50*40 50*60*50 60*75*50 80*85*60 100*100*80 100*100*100 ≧1m3
External size

WHD (cm)

60*161.5*120.5 70*162.5*153 80*177.5*153 100*192.5*163 120*209*183 120*209*203 Customized
Weight 225KG 320KG 370KG 460KG 560KG 590KG /
Voltage 1Ø 220V 50Hz/ 3Ø 380V 60Hz/Customized
Temperature range -70℃ ~180℃

(A:-20℃; B:-40℃; C:-70℃ optional)

Humidity range 10% ~98%RH

(5%~98% R.H. customized)

Temp.& humidity    control fluctuation ≤±0.5℃, ≤ ±2.5%RH Indication resolution 0.01℃, 0.1 %RH


1.Unique design of the box within the wind circulation structure, to ensure that under the conditions of the test with the case of uniformity within the box within ± 2 ℃

2.Unique design of the humidity test when the top of the box anti-drip design to ensure that live test from water short circuit, surface water pollution

3.Unique refrigerant servo valve flow control control. Power saving more than 30%; with the United States PWM combination design, low temperature working conditions, the heater does not participate in the work, through the PWM technology to control the refrigeration unit refrigerant flow and flow, Through the pipeline, hot bypass pipe three-way flow adjustment, to achieve the studio temperature automatically constant. This way in low temperature conditions, can achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption, the machine power control in 8.5KW or less

4.Using the latest environmentally friendly adsorption drying processor, effective control of the product when the surface temperature condensation

5.The refrigeration room is fully sealed and soundproofed to reduce machine noise and box resonance, machine noise control within 75db

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